24 May 2012

Noted Republicans

Abraham Lincoln, original Republican

 Martin Luther King, registered Republican

George Wallace, Democratic Presidential  Candidate

 How about this guy, Woodrow Wilson.  Progressive Democrat, responsible for apartheid in the military even after racial mixing had been approved in policy and in combat, and supporter of eugenics.  Kill off the "less productive", hummmm.. Former President of Princeton University. Proves that he's smarter than the rest of us.

Civil Rights Act of 1964: Passed with 80% Republican backing. (and a damn poorly written piece of legislation it was, giving the FedGov forever rights over the internal operations of Confederate states of a hundred years before).

I voted for Alan Keynes in the last primary, not for the color of his skin,  but for his libertarian platform.

I shall cast my vote for Ron Paul in the primary, to make my point of view understood.  I am not one of the new college aged PaulBots. I have worked as a volunteer for the Libertarian Party since he first ran in Texas in Congressional Dist 22, formerly held by my neighbor Bob Casey.

That was 35 years ago. Thanks for calling me a kid, you assholes.

The Democratic party has traditionally been in favor of discrimination and genocide.

Given the history, you tell me.

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