16 March 2012


So Bill Mahar calling Sarah Pain a cunt is funny, so he's protected as a "comic". Rush Limbaugh calls Sarah Fluke a slut, and that's nasty, because he's a political commentator
Heads up folks, neither one of them has been funny for years.
Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny for years. Al Franken was a political gallstone in the humor duct of the program.
PJ o'Rourke - he's funny. Hunter Thompson was funny until his brain cancer set him up as a one note Nixon bashing pony. Penn Gilette - that man rocks.
I saw that Bill Maher claimed that his get-out-of-jail- free card was that the audience laughed, he didn't recognize that he had the pluperfect self-selecting index. Duh. I paid big bucks for the tickets 'cuz I knew I would like his "Sarah Palin Cunt jokes".
That doesn't make him funny, it just identifies his audience as stupid.
PS. Flip Wilson was funny.

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