25 September 2011

Teh Stoopid, It Burnnsssss

Why are cops The Only Ones who can be trusted with weapons? Seriously. I run across the argument time and time again - that Law Enforcement Officials (LEOs) are trained to higher levels of safety awareness and that they are practiced and proficient with the issue arms...

I call bullshit. From what I've read, the average cop has the weapons awareness of an 18 year old in 'Nam. Spray and pray, with the same accuracy rates found in the 'Nam - one hit for every 40 rounds discharged, and these are the "Elite"
SWAT teams. What I see instead is "innocent bystanders hurt in police shootout".

This just pisses me off. Poor gun handling by The Only Ones trained and trusted to handle firearms. Notice the finger on the trigger, inside the trigger guard. Notice the anti-gas mask being worn. Notice the look of fear on the face of the alleged perpetrator, Elian Gonzales.

I'm sick and tired of my cop friends calling me a "civilian", as if they were some special genus of their own. I'm tired of being told that I have to have a special permit to play my stereo loud. I'm tired of the punks terrorizing lemonade stands.

Something that really pisses me off is that there is still a sovereign immunity clause, which in effect says "I was just following orders" and immunizes individuals and agencies from the law.

What REALLY pisses me off, makes me feel tired and depressed, is when I that think about this I count my ammo .

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