12 July 2011


What am I up to?

Well.I had a neat 700 word entry that went away with a transient. No biggie. I had a nice weekend with the Boiz which netted then some actual cash money. I've realized that I can no longer pretend to be a friend with the Well Known What's Her Name. I'm pulling in a few bucks doin the writin', research, and editin' stuff for a former employer. The TB is still under control, but requires me to be at home M/W/F for the local drug distributor to make the home deliveries. I can see well enough to do the readin', writin', and editin' for a couple of hours per day.

A visit to an opthalmologist may be in sight (bad pun, down pun!) after I visit the clinic which houses my primary care denier. The appointment was made 3 months ago, and falls on Thursday of this week. With luck, I will get a referral for early next year. No, this is not Canadia.

Still, like my buddy George says, any morning I wake up a free man with toilet paper, I'm OK.

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