10 June 2011


Some musicians can't sing without an instrument, some can't walk and chew gum.

David Bowie is never going down as a great
guitar player, but he seems more at ease. He's been sighted many times sitting in on sax (with Mott the Hoople and with Queen), but even the most demanding wouldn't expect sax and vocals at the same time.

The Guitar God BB King on the other hand admits that he cannot sing and play at the same time.

Some cats just can't keep the juice in;

Rory GAllagher. Saw hin 3 times. This performance is actually rather tame for the dude. 'Course he daid now, poor dumb sunofabeech. Did you watch the video? Good.

Caught the man backstage after a gig at the Texas State Opry House. I asked him how he came up with the "guitar on a leash" routine, where he held the Strat in a chord position and just kinda, like, banged it along the stage behind him. Lots of overtones in the E min.

The response was: I did WHAT? There's a sort of demon that comes out playing live that never can come out in studio. Is that a Foster's! Damn, I didn't realize yall had that.

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