03 May 2011

You Must Be Hiding Something!

A recent no-warning warrent was served in So Cal (IIRC) on a notorious pervert. Seems he was downloading kiddie porn. Therefore the SWAT team was called in to break in his front door, stomp his head into the wall-to-wall, scare the living shit out of his kids to the point that they'll never trust a man in uniform again for the rest of their lives, and disregard 3 of the 4 rules of gun handling.
(For those that don't know, rule 1 is: all guns are loaded and I don't care if you just showed me thgere may be some trick involved,
Rule 2: keep the boogerehook off the bangswitch - finger OUTSIDE of the damn trigger guard,
3: muzzle never travels over anything it is not intended to destroy, and
4, make sure of what's behind your target.

Learn it. Live it. Or I will personally come and kick your ass.)

So this guy's offense was to have an unsecured ISP wireless spot. Well. good on him! The arguement before the court was taat "he didn't take sufficient precautions" to secure information.
To which I reply, and you may quote me, Bullshit.

HAd the guy had a simple password (like, say, password") would that have proved that the stuff came from his ISP?

You kow what I do? I give my card numbers on encrypted cell phone channels, and the request a confirmation number.

Waddda you mean, encrypted phone calls? Well. tell you the truth they're all petty much encrypted. Cell phones are pretty private. Cordless phones are not. H
arf link lznd lines are tricky to hack, but using the old rotary dial can be a handicap nowadays.

So let's review the evidence:

Unsecured WiFi - no blame
Secured WiFi - you must prove hacking

When the best hackers have bee subourned into the Fed.Gov, there is no arguement to support protecting access, and all arguements to the contrary.

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battery girl said...

Yeah, well, I'm more than a little concerned that the mere act of clicking on a keyboard with no more than a web browser can wind you up in the federal pen for a few decades.

It used to be that given enough monkeys and typewriters that you were assured a new Hamlet. Now the same arrangement will get you OBL, Hitler, and John Wayne Gacy all rolled up in one. [All that when all you were just trying to do in the first place get a few ideas for finishing a god-damn drawing assignment some art teacher gave you about drawing a small nude.]

Oh, I forgot. These couch potatoes whose front doors now lie in splinters don't shoot back. Easy pickins' and good for PR.
They won't go after those of us pointing and clicking on the Barrett website anytime soon.

[BTW - don't forget the other common trait between OBL & Che...puppy-dog eyes. Very important with the illiterate masses.]