03 May 2011

Teh Stoopid, It Burnnsssss

I used to get like really pissed at assholes wearing Che T-shirts. I may have to get over this.

'Cause the first motherfucker I see wearing an OBL T-shirt is dead meat, and there ain't a jury in Texas that'll convict me.

Look at the parallels:

Born to affluent family?

Che - Yes
Osama - born to obscenely rich family

Representative of Oppressed?

Che - MD degree
OBL - Civ E.

So there's the "simple man of the people" horseshit.camelshit taken care of

Job description

Che - Revolutionary leader
OBL - Revolutionary leader

Away from home:

Che - born in Argentina, revolutionary in Cuba
OBL - born in Saudi Arabia, revolutionary in Afganistan


Che - in Bolivia
OBL - in Pakistan

Recognition in a three letter group?

Che - Yes
OBL - Yes.
Distinctive facial hair?

Che - yes, an undergrad levvel silkey pony type beard
OBL - Yes, a venerable thoughtful professorial beard which could not be cut down with a herring

Hates the USA?

Che - Yes
OBL - yes

Killed thousands of innocent bystnders in the pursuit of aa greater truth

Che - yes
OBL - yes

Trell you the truth lads and lassies, I see no great good in this. That the man is gone is a cause for very kimited celebration, but every one of his flying monkeys (and, yes, I did choose that phrase with forethought) is still out there.

There are still minions willing ot sacrafice themselves on the bloodstained shrine of a god seemiongly as bloodthirsty as the gos of the Aztecs.

I'm running out of words here. Maybe more later.

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David Falloure said...

Like button! Well said -- spelling aside.