29 May 2011

Get Real

The .gov Body Mass Index tells me that I should weigh 175 pounds (call it 13 and a half stone) I'm six foot plus maybe an inch if I stand up straight in the morning.
I call bullshit. At 185 I look like a cadaver. At 201, I'm doing very well - the docs at the consumption clinic tell me I mustn't lose any more weight. (Yes, I can has TB). I feel really good at about 192, but I have constraints on my activities at the moment (I'll never fight welterweight again).
Now let's look at the Fed.gov. Bloated on pork (The Other White Meat!), and hideously, morbidly obese. Tipping thre scales at Trillions with a T of dollars. When I was young, I thought that a "trillion" was an imaginary number, just like "bazillion". Ah, youth and innocence.

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