29 April 2011

What you pay for

I'd had a neat little twistey neck desk lamp above my computer. (The glare from the screen sometimes means I can't see the keyboard. No helpful raised doohickies on MY home keys, no. To the children in the audience, the "home keys are where one's finger return when not in use, to wit, the middle row of alpha keys, leaving "g" and "h" out)(It was called touch typing).

So the little Earth friendly halogen/xenon bulb went out a couple months ago. Got a new bulb. (Don't Haogen and Zenon sound scarey?) Fucker lasted all of 5 weeks. Went to the hardware store (Lowes, which I hate with a particularly burning hate for being staffed by idiots with no knowledge of the fields, and stockers who consistently put things in the wrong bins, HAte hate hate. I also filled out a job app while I was there.)

Picked upanother eco-friendy product that made sense: a stickey-backed, LED, battery operated light to glue onto the shelf above my computer. I don't need a lot of light, just enough to find the home row, but rally.

The damn thing has one (count it, one) LED, plus 4 AA batteries. Plus 3 capacitors. Plus a heat sensor. Plus God knows what else. The damn thing cuts off from overheating every 15 minutes, and the damn adhesive has failed and it now is held in place with a C clamp.

Nexct time, I'm gonna make Joy Boone an offer on one of the broken bicycle frames in her junkpile, and run a damn gensey off of that. Multitasking! Yay! (The damn light went out again)

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