29 April 2011

More What You Pay For

So a neighbor moved out and said, go ahead and adopt my bike. I'd never seen him ride one, and quite frankly doubted that he could.

The (free) bike was un-noticable under the vines and creepers that had overgrown it. Nonetheless, I spent the hour disentangling it from its vegatable friends. Found out that bot tires were shot. That the front wheel was a Moebius variety. Saddle rotten. Rack broken.

But, like, free, huh? New tires and tubes about 45 bucks. New rack, another 10. New saddle, $15. Halfway decent lock so I can ride it to the bar or grocery another $15. Oh, yeah. The frame pump and undersaddle bsg.

We're well over a hundred bucks on a free bike.

But what I want is a narrower wheel, maybe 1/25 in. andlose the real gears, turn it into as fixie...

Now I know that this is all silly. I should take my 80s Nishiki road/race frame and turn that one into a fixie. Niculturniy

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