26 April 2011

Teh stoopid

Saw a thing on the innertubewebs the other day. A school district (in California, IIRC) is giving subsidies to families for computers. To be specific, Macintosh computers. The subsidy comes out to perhaps $500 per student for the purchase of a laptop.

Now I don't mean to start a flame war between Mac and MS users (I'm a Linux guy, got no dog in the ffight), but seriously.

5c buys about 1/4 of a Mac laptop. The school board claims that "they just want the students's work to be accessible to everyone". (Plural plus possesive, that's not a typo).

Here's an idea: use Open Office. Completely free, compatable with WinDoze, Macinto$h, and Linux.

Some of my kids's teachers use it, I use it everyday. Spreadsheets look the same in Excell, word docs open perfectly in Mac and MS.

What's not to like?

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