27 April 2011

Follow up on Texas City

Reuters says 4 refineries wereshut down. AP says 3. Texas New Mexico Power says 6. TNMP are the ones supplying the electrons to the facilities. And they're the ones that should know. Bear in mind, I've spoken to all these folks.

The MFM are working from press releases, which I hac read and they are uniformly pieces of shit. I know my way around switchgear, the "reporters" don't. I'm still waiting on the Mostly Cajun dude to weigh in on this, 'cause he knows more about HV systems and backups thn I do.

With luck, there will be nore to follow.

I'm particularly concerned about reports that I have heard from those involved that it tooka matter of hours for the power to go out. I've worked on GenSets. power fails, it takes a good, oh, let's call it 5/64 of a second to spark up the genset and bypass supplied power. That it took (rounds 5/64 to 1/8, multiply, 8 times 60 seconds per minute gives us 540, times 60 again for the number of minutes per hour gives us

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