10 March 2011

Carnival of the Pig!

The local (Texas) grocery chain HEB (stands for the founder, whose last name was Butt, and whose first name was HE, as best as I can tell) recently had a special on whole boneless pork loins for like $stupid.67 per pound. Therefore I ended up with about 25 pounds of pure oinkey goodness. Gotta do something before they all turn green.
Step 1. -Divide into manageable chunks - about 2 lb each
Step 2 - cut one portion into smaller chunks and brown
Now comes the hard part
Step 3 - place in crock pot with appropriate liquid
A - Hoison, ginger, onions, mixed peppers, apples, raisins, peanut butter, soy &c. Call it Thai
B - BBQ Sauce, ginger, and pineapple. Call it BBQ.
C - Salsa Verde . Call it carnitas.
All of this done on a hot plate - getting the gas on for the full stove and oven would be a couple of hundred bucks I simply don't have at the moment. Sear $ stew can rock, though.
I'm reserving a fair bit for chops and satay. Damn but folks love the Satay. Marinate in hoison, soy, PB, apricot jam, and a bit of wasabi. Skewer it, grill it, and watch it vanish!
Last time I did that, 10 pounds of pork vanished into 12 people faster than they could be cooked. Works with chicken, too. Get thighs on special, de-bone and skin, and cut in thirds. (Bones and skin go to stockpot, skim the fat for schmaltz - gotta have it for latke, nothing frys like it). (It's what you call poly-ethnic.)

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