09 November 2010

New (ish) Stuff

Things here at Castle Libertine have been moving rather slowly. The complex is in the process of being sold (after 6 months of "being on the market" - which is a 24/7/365 open house, and not appreciated by the tenants. The previous property manager, a harmless old dude and friend of the owner, has been evicted. Visiting his apartment gave new meaning to the phrase "impacted shithole". It was all clean and so on, but in five years the man had furnished his two bedroom apartment to the point that it took two moving trucks to evacuate his "keeper" stuff. The non-keeper stuff filled twenty one wheelie bins. Yeah, that was me.

On top of this, the dude was AWOL from Intensive Care for mush of the time. YT got him back to the hospital, by bus, in the midddle of the night, after his appearance on my doorstep. Not for the first time, either. Questioned for orientation, he got the day, month, year, and president correct, but blew it when he was asked where he was. "Bank of America" was not the fight answer.

I don't know for sure if I picked up this nasty bronchial infection at the hospital. I just hope I didn't spread it there. It's been hounding me for over a week, with nasty syncope and shit.

On the plus side, my old buddy RLHW has been in touch, and is giving serious thought to the MAWG (Middle Aged White Guys) musical project. Current parameters include no more than one rehearsal session for a one hour set. Power trios rule, and that's why.

I'm currently celebrating my one year anniversary of unemployment (without benefits). And turning 50.

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