15 August 2010

Oh Dearie ME, A Month Already?

Sweet Jesus and his eight tiny reindeer, I'm sorry. Been trying to do things like get a real job (wonderful interview this past Thursday, BTW), get the books for the kids for the "required reading" list. (Imagine my embarrassment when I found that I only had one copy of 1984! Spare copy of Brave New World, though, works for the compare and contrast stuff. Plus that copy of the Collected Essays that I have hidden somewhere...)

Junior son just had 2 books he needed for "off season" reading: "The Life of Pi", and "Enrique's Journey". I figured that the first was a nice scholarly look back at the number that we all know and love as 3.141592683. You may know him as 22/7, or the ratio of the radius to the circumference. WRONG! Evidently it's an allegorical tale about a boy rowing across the ocean with a tiger. Silly me.

The other is "Enrique's Journey" a spine tingling tale of the travails of an illegal infiltrator trying to contact his illegally placed mother within a hostile country, using his wits and... Sorry, my mistake. It's the heartwarming story of the travails of a young man illegally infiltrating a hostile country to achieve a heartwarming reunion with his mother, an illegally infiltrated alien in a hostile country. No, sorry again, it's a stunning polemic on the hideous injustices facing the intrepid youthful hero as he confronts the dreadful realities barring him from his reunion with his dear mother, an undocumented American.

I weep.

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