28 August 2010

A Capitalist Will Sell Us The Rope

And likewise a well-meaning, bien-pensant sombitch is going to say that “We're not TOLORANT ENUFF”, which will lead to the inexorable rule of the squeaky wheel.

It's bad enough that I can't buy liquor after 9p, or at all on Sundays. A Major Religion says that it's an evil bad thing and must be banned everyday. It would be insensitive toward the minority, you understand. I can deal with Sudden Baptists (the only problem is they don't hold 'em underwater long enough).

We live in a free country. There shall be no establishment of religion. You want the damn Yids reducing everyone to pedestrian status on Saturdays? The damn Catholics banning meat on Fridays? The darn (strongest word they allow) Baptists declaring dancing sinful? Let's not even start in on those Jack Mormons – a morning without caffeine is a morning I don't attend. I wouldn't be allowed to drive to the party, much less have any fun.

The point is that the government can't make me follow any religious rules. For the love of God I can drive to the grocery store in Waco, grab a girl and dance in the damn beer aisle. And to prove that there if in fact a loving God, I was not smitten by lightning. I was smitten by the girl, but that's a different story.

But now it's being asked, nay, required, that the free citizens of a previously free country abase ourselves to follow the laws of a specific religion. Make no mistake, these are laws, with bloodthirsty penalties.

Death is the most common prescribed penalty in the Sharia law, and it's not what we in the USA would recognize as law. Women are chattel property. A rape victim is considered guilty, and reparations are paid to the husband, sufficient to purchase a new wife. She, the victim is of course stoned to death. Violations of family honor are dealt with in a fashion likewise.

So what makes these guys different? Maybe it's the hugely disproportionate,but we've always it that way.

To which I reply: there are the laws of the land. They must be seen to be done. We have a law, that those who kill their wives are to be hanged. All lives are sacred, and if your daughter pissed you off and you kill her then you are a killer, and your religion does not trump law.

This is where Sharia fails to connect with the common law. As tr he word of GOD (Allah), Sharia trumps the law of man. Therefore, tolerance of other religions implies an acceptance of Sharia. QED. Therefore the recognition of other religions is offensive to Allah, and the Allah-given response is forebode conversion the Allahless.

I've been a decent artist (used real nude models and was even one myself), a professional musician for more than 30 years. And still act on stage when I get a chance. So according to Shari law I get to be stoned to death with the medium stones (the victim is buried neck deep so that the head is the target, Smaller stones take longer to kill you. Religion of Peace My ASS)

Tell you the truth, I really don't think Allah would be a friendly type of guy, The folks I know who “Read holy Qu'uran” are all convicts, uniformly Black. With monumental chips on the shoulders. I don't really blame them, but I wouldn't trust them with my commissary. Expropriating the expropriators kinda thing. It's not wrong, because I'm white, therefore I must be descended from slaveholders.

Shit. I'm Irish. We were slaves to the Phoenicians, to the Greeks, to the Romans. The Irish were slaves to folks that couldn't even find Africa. Don't give me that shit. We invented whiskey, and decided to rest upon our laurels. Time for a nice nap, then invent the craik.

Just like in Haiti. French slaveholders keeping the sugarcane. Almost as bad as raising indigo, but they did that too. Invented Voodoo, which is kind of like whiskey, but more difficult to export. Time for a nice nap, then smoke some crack.

D'you know that 80% of the blackbird trade went to Brazil? Talk about a Chocolate City! The Houston Museum of Fine Arts had a major installation of arts bruits, and the friends accompanying me were surprised to see black faces! And the mixed-race folks! By God there's a chick that looks like Tiger Wood's sister! And no-one seems to care! We must make them aware, they're oppressed, for the love of God!

See. That's the thing. Brazil is pretty much Tiger Woods, and makes no apologies. The USA has Tiger Woods and thinks him exceptional. Haiti sees Tiger Woods as a race traitor.

Now with our current President, we're a lot closer to the Haitian point of view than the Brazilian. The USA is not color blind, but rather the reverse. We need indifference, not preference.


Red said...

Jack Mormons drink coffee. The LDS church doesn't ban caffeine, it doesn't allow "hot drinks" meaning coffee and tea. Some folks in the church take that to mean caffeinated products. NOt in our home. We couldn't function otherwise ;-)

This message brought to you by a former barista and LDS convert.;-D

JC said...

Sorry to take so long Red, hope your escape from RedStick is going well. "Jack Mormon" refers to the beehive versions of rice christians. Jack Dempsey was called "Jack" for his position as a non-observent Morman.

The point of the whole post was to piss people off. Guess no Sudden Babdists got the memo.

No offense intended, just a bit of hyperbole.

Still love me?