09 May 2010

Well Shit

I ran into a bunch of old friends at the Valhalla 40th anniversary party. Too many of them asked me to follow them on Twitter for it to be polite to decline ('cos blogs are just so damn last millennium) so here's my initial tweet:


So t'hellwidit. here I am, gazing at the glory that is Twitter and seeing the cube root of fuckall. Not surprised, really. Need to explore.

I give the whole Twitter nonsense another two weeks. Then, I predict, it will fall apart of its own weight. If not from the loads of l337 speak and suchlike illiterate crap.

(Would you believe, spellcheck doesn't recognize "fuckall"! Or "spellcheck" either. Not to terribly surprised, though, I don't expect spellcheck to catch fuckall anyway.) I just want it to point out teh othre stihn. (othre and stihn make it past with on problem)

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