10 May 2010

Christopher Hitchens. Mellow?

I like Christopher Hitchens. The guy must suffer every day when he realizes his
atheist principles are violated by the very name he bears.

I like Chris H. I admire his chops, I love his insight; but I must admit that his reflexive atheism leaves me cold.

There are two types of atheists - those who don't believe, and those who dislike God personally . Hitchens has always struck me as the latter form. His hatchet job on Mother Teresa should serve as sufficient evidence.

Notwithstanding all that, he drops trou in an excerpt from his "soon to be released" (well, yeah, but they dither on the actual DAY).

Tell you the truth, I really don't know how to take it. "Revelations of Bloomsbury Group?" Sounds terribly Victorian. Compared to the Algonquin? I proffer the "Fried Onions" defense. You just had to be there.

Even better, There's the "attention slut" defense. Face it, that's why I have this little Island in the Net. I want folks to read this shit. The Hitch has some great chops, and as a pro I have a professional obligation to steal what riffs I can use. Thirty years behind the axe, I have the cred to say that.

You know what, though? He and I are equals, here in the blogosphere. He may have the massive PA of Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, and Slate, but at least we're playing on the same stage. And you know what? Playing with the pros sharpens your chops better than anything else.

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