19 May 2010

Let me see you smile

I'm encouraged by movements in Belgium and in France to ban the hajib - the ever-so-fashionable puptent prescribed for the property of men from a certain areas who follow a certain moral compass.

Pace Pascal, one of my Mooslim frendz, I know that the Q'ran (or however it's supposed to be spelled these days, worse than the Chinese, if you ask me) dictates "modest" garments for both men and women. The wheels come off here when you start finding out who defines "modest".

As in any situation like this, the most extreme jump in first. SOB (sexually oriented business) laws are written by Baptists who would never be sen in a titty bar. Liquor laws are written by te-to-taylors (to use the phrase as pronounced by a college roommate, who was one). City planning is dominated by geeks on bicycles.

You get my drift, here?


Red said...

So you're saying the laws are dictated by those with the strongest urge to break them?

JC said...

No, Red, I think that those are the "squeaky wheel" minority. The Constitution is there to protect the minority (like it or not), and most decidedly not to inflict the grievences of a vocal minority on the people at large.