12 May 2010

Timmy's fallen in the well!!!

There used to be a "Visitors Book" for websites., If you're are here, and you like it, say so and if it pisses you off let me know about that, too. I've been married before, there's nothing you can say to top what the ex has already told me.
I really apperciate the feedback. Well, I did delete the one that said "Fuck off and die unless you use my link to buy woodie drugx", but I probably DID know him in high school.
Not like I talked to him or anything, just recognized him as a huminoid. Not that i was all that smart in high school, either.
But the thing is, I don't know you're here unless you comment.
So comment damnit, or I will be forced to learn the damn HTML, and you don't want me to do that, do you?...


Tam said...

It can be annoying when you type out what you think is a masterpiece and get nothing but crickets, but it happens sometimes. :)

Anonymous said...

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