08 May 2010

An Honest Politician

is one who stays bought.

So what am I to think about a man who received over a million and a half dollars from BP and then leaves them in the lurch, declining to do even the Federally mandated minimum on oil leak abatement? The procedures have been in place for thirty years, but nobody ansswered the damn phone.

What am I to think of a man who got more money from Goldman Sachs than any other elected official, and then wants to let them hang out to dry?

I'm not talking about chump change here, these are campaign donationss in excess of a million dollars, from BIG OIL and BIG FINANCE. He's not in their pockets, no no no.

These are donations dwarfing those received by "Doubleyou" - by a factor of 3, and sometimes more.

Stupid fucks. BP and Goldman Sachs thought they were betting on a horse. They were actually bankrolling the guy burning down the racetrack.

BTW - folks say that Big Business supports the Right. Bullshit. Big Business bankrolls the Left. The Right supports markets, but the Left PROTECTS its benefactors. Usually. Until recently. There's no point in buying your own cows, th thing is to get free milk from other cows through Governmental regulation. That's where the return on investment comes from.

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