08 May 2010


Houston's got the original the biggest, the most awesomest and most grooviest ART CAR PARADE in the known universe. I don't know if Zap and Co. will be driving the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir but there will be examples of vehicular madness that in other countries would send the peasants running for the pitchforks and torches.

If you're in the Greater Houston area, or for that matter within a four hour drive, you can attend this display of rolling madness starting at 1:00 in the afternoon. (See, I'm giving you a 9AM start time for your road trip, instead of those other douches who want you to start at oh-dark-thirty. That's just how nice I am!)

If you're in Austin, get yer breakfast, and join the crowd closing in from San Antonio, Wimberley and San Marcos. You folks from College Station and
Bryan, no sweat. Dallas, Waco, you might want to set your coffee makers a couple of minutes early. Lake Chuckles, you're gonna run late but who cares?

Bring your kids. Bring your camera (I bought a big batch of Tri-X for the occasion - that color fad is going to go away sometime soon, and I just love my vintage Pentax K-1000)

Bring lawn chairs and coolers! This is one of the few occasions where THE MAN has not given in to the TABC!

I'll be the guy on the bicycle in the seersucker suit. Can't miss me.


Suzette said...

I love the Houston Art Car Parade and I travel from NEW JERSEY to see it. So sorry I can't be there this year.

JC said...

I'm sorry too - the weather was wonderful