07 February 2010

Why I Stay up Late

There's a, I guess you'd have to call it a homework site, that I have taken to using instead of Freecell. Generally it's a prety useless timewaster – geography, physics, chemistry, civics. But from time to time there's a question posted like this one:

The Jews Say The Holocaust Is Fact, But Everyone Who Has Examined The Camps And Researched The Archives Say It's A Hoax, Why?

I couldn't allow that to go by. My response follows.

I'd re-examine that "everyone" if I were you. Check MEMRI, to start with, then contemporary accounts of the Allied troops liberating Auschwitz and other camps.  Go back to the source materials, and look for the word "vernichtung".
Those who claim it to be a hoax tend (I should say "are", but I allow for the possibility of absolute ignorance) to be those with a major hate on for the Jews (six million dead). And Gypsies (1 million dead). And Armenians (four hundred thousand dead). And Catholics (one hundred thousand dead). All of whom were exterminated by the Reich.
The fact that Stalin's camps (estimated forty million dead) were as bad or worse is not germane to the discussion.  
Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.
Those who deny history wish to repeat it.

The site is a largely unmoderated teen p2p, but there are adults there (hey, I'm one).

I'd hate to think that I'm the only adult at this particular playground, though.

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Anonymous said...

Less and less can we refer doubters or the deceived to the men who were actually there. Like my ex-father-in-law, Fred Mercer, U.S. Army, who saw Bucherwald-Ohrdruf right after it was overrun. But he did have a 35mm camera he had 'liberated' and he took photos. They're now at the Holocaust Museum. If the confused student thinks Fred might have been part of some conspiracy, I'd be happy to talk to him.