05 February 2010

Teh Ghey

Not that there's anything wrong with that, so long as there's no drooling.

I've worked in places where being a ...breeder?...straight?...not one of the girls?... put me in a minority of one. It could be ackward, though endurable. (Almost wrote “but” there, and made a bad joke.) I've had passes made (flattering, but not THAT flattering). I used to be building engineer at the location of the Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual Trans-sexual Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Caucus. At least that's what I think the acronym worked out to be, and let me tell you that sometimes I felt safer up the ladder.

Nonetheless, (notice that I avoided using the word “but” again) even working (briefly) in retail as a window dresser, I managed to avoid being sodomized.

That's not the thing here, though.

What do I call these folks? I can't say “queer” because it's not uniformly accepted. It's rather a militant term, so far as I can tell. I don't like “gay”, it seems patronizing. “Homosexual” sounds clinical, and is mispronounced wrong all the time anyway. (The first “o” is supposed to be short “o” like the “o” in “Honda”, not the long “o” as in “Homework”) (Seriously, the word is from a Greek root, so that's the way it goes) (No Greek jokes, please). “Friend of Dorothy” is too poof.

I like the Victorian locution “one of Nature's bachelors”, however I'm sure there are others as well. “Batting for the home team”?

Help me out here folks.

(PS I just googled "Friend of Dorothy" and it came up with eight million eight hundred and twenty thousand hits. Mother Mary and the seven dwarves! A search on "one of nature's bachelors, on the other hand, yeilded fewer than four thousand hits)

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