02 February 2010

MacMillan V Amazon

I understand the complaintsof the writers published by Macmillan.

What I don't understnd is why the publishing house plugs the sellers and not the promising authors.

Mercedes Benz (to grab a name out of the air) is probably going to spent 2.89 gazillion dollar on advertising during the Super Bowl.

Macmillan spends a quarter of a million dollars on advertising the last work of their most popular author, Michael Creighton.

What are they doing? Building "brand recognition"? I think not.

There comes a point in a business's carreer when advertising becomes a fixed expenditure, and they buy ads for things that they know will sell, because they sell.

This is teh stoopid.

Use the ad budget to find new markets, not to sing to the choir,

Didn't I tell you?

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