02 February 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Don't Ask Don't Tell has always struck me as a gentlemanly way to avoid the question. Granting official recognition to a minority group leads inevitably to special treatment for that group. In the case of the military, that is not an acceptable option.

The pregnancy rate on USN fighting ships can serve as a cautionary tale.

During WWII there were whole teams of theatrical designers working for the Allies - most of them nature's bachelors. They did a wonderful job, but behind the lines.

Had they insisted on combat (ahem) positions, they would have been wasting their talents.

The difficulty now is that all people are to be considered as equal - the 5 stonw weakling with nobbley knees, and Lucy Liu.

People be PEOPLE, folks, and unless that is recognized we weill get Caspar Milquetoast in a combat zonme, but it will be by error, not intent.

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