04 February 2010

Left handness

The darling Margot, who taught me to not only shoot but to hit the target is left handed. There are a number of obstacles to be dealt with by a lefthanded American, but does it fall into the Americans With Disabilities Act?

Consider, if you will, the stringed instruments. All the fiddly, detailed stuff is done with the non-dominant hand. Did you know that two of the Beatles were left handed? Paul and George. George played right, but autographed left.

Chet Atkins? Well known to sit on both shoulders of all guitar gods? Plaayed right autographed left.

For my part, I've had injurie requiring sinestro-dexterity for periods of up to a year. Darts team, gigs on guitar, hand-writing the damn fill-in-the-blank forms.

I still don't have complete right hand dexterity - but I get by.

Anybody else have evperiences like this?

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Jesse said...

Was left handed, started school and was changed to right handed. Pretty much do everything with either hand. Better with some things right and some left. js