15 February 2010

By Popular Demand

The pork barbecue mentioned in an earlier post is just pork loin cut into roughly one inch cubes (that's 2.5 cm to you metric-speakers) lightly browned in a vast cast iron skillet and dumpen into the crockpot with caramelized onion and covered with generic barbecue sauce, then braised until mooshable against the side of the crockpot vessel.
The sauce can be tweaked in the process. Sweet-and-sour Chinese, Vietnamese chili-and-garlic (not for the faint of heart), wasabi (ditto) brown sugar, whatever.
It's a work in progress, on the order of the classic Chinese soup (never wash the pot just keep adding stuff), or Perpetual Stew.
I'm using pork loin because it's just so darn cheap right now, although the finished product could use some more fat just for mouthfeel (I know, there's a Nipponese word for that, but I think I'm doing pretty well just remembering "wasabi".

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