24 September 2015

Kids matter

I've spent  a lot of tine with an old buddy, let's call him Rusty, cause thats what he answers to.  He has two kids, twins, 20 something, so far as I can tell.  He was living in his car when he gave me a call.  I told him "my tofu es su tofu"  and he ended up sleeping o my sofa for about a year. 

His wife chose to give birth rather than have a multiple abortion.  She died.  The children are happy and healthy but miss their mother.

Rusty's not doing so well.  Rapid Onset OldTimer's.  Watns to go to National Parks that were closed decades ago.  Can't remember his own damn address. Ask him about SQL, he's right there and on the point. 

Makes me wanna cry, and sometimes I do.  It's not drugs or drink, it's just the lack of some RNA in the brain.

But he loves his kids,  Sam and Samantha. Lovely Cafe au Lait colored.  Sharp as a whip.

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