22 July 2015

A Short Status Note

On 15 June I was hit by a Houston city bus, and my left foot...injured. Yes, legal remedies are being sought. No, I am in a wheelchair and probably will be for some time further. Yes, it does hurt. Broken toes (4 plus), broken metatarsals (best guess 8-12) and fractured ankle (already re-assembled with screws), in addition to my instep torn off from toe to heel and up to the ball of the ankle. Yes, it does hurt (did I say that already?)

Family and friends have been very generous in support both financial and practical. My son James, in particular, has sacrificed the better portion of his college summer break as live-in LVN. Just doesn't care for the sight of blood and raw meat on his ol' dad. And who could blame him. He makes up for it with good cooking, thoughtful housekeeping, and laughing at my jokes.

I'm in for a skin graft 29 July, and don't really anticipate decent mobility before mid-October at the earliest.

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