02 December 2014

Keeping the stiff upper lip

Or not as the case may be. I used to have a really really dumb cell phone. You could set reminders in it, and then set for “remind me again in: (hh/mm). , for (time limits).

I set it up to prompt me with messages like “Cheer up motherfucker”, or “Smile dammit, it doesn't hurt that much”.

Sometimes it would go off when I was dealing with an obstreperous type. I would say “pardon me”, turn to the side, and read the message. Some fuckwits would demand “WHAT'S SO DAMN IMPORTANT”, and I would show that person the message.

Truly is it written that a soft voice turneth away anger. Every rant against me was stopped, but more important it was a random reminder to me, 'cause that's why I set it up. Can't figure how to do that on my current phone (not a dumb phone, not a smart phone).

There's probably an app for that now, but I like mine better.

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