21 August 2014

Thank you Al Gore

For saving the whole motherfucking planet by making me cook in the dark.

II know that you neant well when you thought (and I use the word loosly) that the use of longer life bulbs would make a difference.

Bullshit, What was a $1 4pack of bulds is now a $12 4pack of bulbs, with added mercury, and no added bulb life.

Thank you for saving the water. I must now stay in the head and monitor each bolus to see that it has gone down the tubes, sometimes requiring as many as 5 flushes.

I'd like to thank you personally, but I can't get access to the “general aviation” areas where your personal Gulfstream lands with the USAF escort.

That's ok. I realize that the world is more important, and that your monthly power bill is more than my annual income because you're more important than I am. Cause you were in 'Nam. Chaplain's assistant, then worked up to Photographer's assistant.

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