10 July 2014

Sorry About

But I don't link-hore as much as I should, Living as I do without intertubenetweb access, I draft posts and save 'em up, trade 'rm with my friends, collect the whole set, and then go off elsewhere to shove them down the throat of the internet. (And you all thought I stated at the other end. Naughty, naughty Newt. You must be spanked.)

The GF is in hospital and needs me to help her out. Plus side: I get to use her car (I don't own one) . Minus side: it's a 40 mile round trip optimax, and about 50 if I avoid using the toll roads, which would add another $10 per round trip. But I love her, and she loves me, and dammit getting that sweater was IMPORTANT.

Plus I've been running a fever of about 100.2 degrees F for the past 4 days. Doubleplusunfun. OTOH, I just made a big vat of pozole, so that should help.

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