21 July 2014

So What Do We Do With A Problem Like Lois?

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So some hard drives crashed. It could happen to anyone, right? I mean, if the data I need to defend myself in an IRS audit just happens to be on that drive vanishes, then I'm OK?

Well, no. Find all your hard copies and then we'll talk. (All government agencies have a policy of considering e-mails to be ephemeral instantuations of REAL documents, therefore ALL e-mails are to be printed out and retained). OOPSIE! That memo must have been on theat same drive...

This leads us to an odd situation. We've got the obvious Mens Rea (guilty mind) executing a well-coordinated ass-covering, but a reasonably plausible one.

Now here's an idea. Abuse of Fiduciary and Failure to Perform Due Diligence. After all, she was/is employed as arbiter of imposts on the whole of the body politic, on behalf of the selfsame body politic, entrusted with carrying out that duty, and turning it to personal benefit. Neglect of routine mandated recordskeeping looks like a Due Diligence matter to me.

Now I realize that these matter are civil court matters, but the remedy is usually the appointment of an independent-to-hostile auditor appointed by the court and not the DOJ, which is what we're looking for anyway.

Run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

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