10 July 2014

Rules of Engagement with a non-National Force

We're not at war. No, no, no. We haven;t been since VJ Day. Our country has been involved in “Police Actons” “Counterinsurgent Activities”, “Military Arvisories” and so on.

This is just so much bullshit, and why? We have not ben (ahem) exchanging hostilities with recognized nation-states.

In Korea at least the two sides wore uniforms. The wheels fell off that in the 'Nam, unless you consider ninja-jamas to be a uniform. In the sandbox it is a matter of course to wear civvies to combat, and even to wear the traditional “puptent” women's garb in retreat.

What in the name of the Virgin Mary and Her 7 Dwarves are we doing there? This is a dogfight featuring a pack of rabid pitbulls, and the likely result of entering the ring is to have all of them turn on us. GTFO, and let 'em kill themselves.

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