19 July 2014

Eeew, Yucky Azaman!

So Amazon is willing to operate a Kindle Library, $10 USD per month subscription fee, for backlist titles of Ebooks.

The mighty JC picks up his ClueBat of Power.

“This is backlist!” he thunders. “This is stuff that you can't get in the bookshops because NOBODY WANTED IT!” “These are the red-headed stepchildrenwho are now found to have macickal powers!


Some stuff you just can't find. Evelyn Waugh's short stroies. Walker Percy's essays. Good shit. And there's stuff you can't give away, like the political memoirs of currently active vote- whores (I am not looking at you, Bill, Hillary and Barry Soetero) who will never ever ever earn back their multi-million dollar advances. We're looking at stuff where you see a label “stop asking for it because nobody wants it, and we're tired of saying so”. The stuff that sold 250 copies to libraries, but you can't check it out, because eery copy has been stolen.

So the EEEEVUL AZAMON is going to get these books into the hands of readers, for a small fee, and even GIVE MONEY to the authors, which Libraries DON'T do. I blush. I clutch my pearls. This is so horrid

To recap: EEEEVUL Azmon is willing to act as a library for Ebooks, and PAY the authors. This is a bad thing. But REAL libraries, brown-nosed by the publishers, generate exactly Sweet Fanny Adams per eyeball on text. Putting backlist in syndication (as it were) would at least give a good blow to the back of the head with a 2x4 cluebat to some publishers.

Fuckit. Teh stoopid is too strong here young Jedi.

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