19 July 2014

Central American Immigrants

Just a snapshot here, but in Houston we have a rather large assortment of various South-of-the-Border types from all over. I have one Bolivian SIL and one Chilean SIL for that matter.

The South Americans, by and large are educated professonals. The Argies, the Bolivians, the Chileans and so on tend to get along together reasonably well. Not so much the Venezueleans

We have here scattered throughout the metroplex millions of Mexicans. Southeast side, Spring Branch – there are neighbothoods where you won't see a sign in English for blocks. The Guatamalans are in a small vecino off Westpark. There are corners where the men stand to wait for someone to pick them up for some casual labor. They are not to be confused with the Hondurans 4 blocks up, or the Niicaraugans you passed a few blocks ago. They don't mix. They don't play well amongst themselves, and they all resent the Mexicans.

What we don't have is a bunch of “Hispanics”. We have a bunch of folks from roughly the same area of the world, with all the baggage that comes from being raised in a small, dare I say, Balkanized area. You expect Armenians and Turks to get along? They carry the baggage of dozens of little border wars, tribal conflicts, grudges and animosities. They go to different churches (mostly, but not all, Catholic), venerate different saints, celebrate different holidays. Some are Creole*, some are Mestizo, some are Indio, some are quite Black. This is not a pint of chocolate milk, just now spilled at the border, to be sopped up with a roll and a half of Bounty. This is an invasion of... I dunno. Fire ants? All from different mounds, hostile to each other and to the new enviornment.

The USA can't just dump out a box of SpectraCide, either. We've got to go in with tweeezers, pick up every damn one of them, and return them to the home mounds. The alternative is that they will colonize, they will make new mounds, and then some well-meaning sonofabitch will come along with a shovel and, **, try to mix the mounds.

*partly European and pale

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