21 July 2014

An Open Letter to John Cornyn

To: The Honorable John Cornyn, Senator for the State of Texas

I must admit that I was quite surprised to find you named as a suporter of the incumbent in the Mississippi Senate race. I find it indefensible that you, through your Political Action Committee, contributed $50,000 to the libelous attack on Chris McDaniel , and explicitly supported Thad Cochran, a time-serving, rent-seeking RINO-at-best.

Do not expect my support in your upcoming election bid. I hope that there will be a solid conservative/libertarian to oppose you in the primaries.

This act, be it motivated by realpolitic, inside baseball, or just quid pro quo, is abhorrent to my understanding of the duties of the the Senate, which, in the words of Edmund Burke, are :”to stand for what is right, not what is popular”. You, sir, seem to have failed on both points,

Your Friend,

James Collins

(Salutation and closing according to Miss Manners. Official correspondence and all that. The closing “Your Friend” is endorsed for correspondence with equals, and is in fact the approved signing-off for correspondence between elected heads of state and others regal or elected. Correspondence between regal heads of state finishes off with “You loving Cousin”. IIRC, including declarations of war)

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