10 July 2014

About the newest flow across the border

The executive orders were written to allow OTM (other than Mexican) and OTC (Other than Canadian) invaders to bypass some standard protocol.

How many utes are showing up with (e.g.) Guatemalan papers? Or is it simply that the claim to be OTM ,is enough? After all, it's an intolerable demand to show proof of identity to vote, why should it be otherwise for these “new Americans”?

Here's an idea: allow 6 months to get a green card. Don't get it you go home.

Here's another idea: Give la Migra its teeth back. Fuck Carlos Santana and his ubiquitous Che teeshirt. Viva la Chinga Migra!

Oh and repeal the Family Reunification Act. Dear sweet jezuz the folks I know who just “happened to be” here in the States when little Juanita popped out of the oven. I was just as surprised as you were!

There can be only one reason for the influx of “children” coming over the border: To import the families. Anyone remember the “Peter Pan” children in the early 60s? Didn't think so. Some of them are my dear friends. Anybody remember the MarilitosEver watched an episode of Miami Vice? That's the difference.
Let's bear in mind that “children “ in the FedSpeak means essentially anyone under the age of 25. The photos I've seen show mainly daily shavers. This is not an invasion of 8 year old Disney Princesses. This is a Muriel Boatlift, clearing the jails, supplying (in many cases) false documentation, and a few bucks to become SEP. Somebody Else's Problem.

That's what we engineers call “Proven Technology” - it has worked in the past and should work forever, or until the laws of physics get repealed

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