11 June 2014

Secondary Sexual Characteristics

Men have ages.
Women have birthdays.

Men sweat.
Women glow.

Men snore.
Women purr

Some women are ladies, but unless you know the Queen of England personally using the word “lady “ is considered dispositive that you (or she) is not.

Don't call a woman a lady.

Treat all women as ladies.

A woman will kick you in the fork. A lady will do it only if it is called for, and she will tell you why.87.5 percent of women want coffee n the morning. Being able to supply that is a Darwinian “good thing”. 3.2 percent of women drink black coffee. Cane sugar and whipping cream are easy to keep on hand, and taste great. Make up vats of prepared product to be microwaved on demand, or supplied as Ice coffee. It is important to bear n mind the transit time. In many cases, the offer of a cup of yoghourt is ok, in some cases (mostly weekends) eggs and bacon, sausage or ham, with toast, grits or toast might be indicated

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