11 June 2014

Compare and Contrast

The Prime Minister of South Korea apologizes for the sinking of a civilian ferry, with a lot of folks dead. He resigns in disgrace. The man in charge of the Coast Guard equivalent apologizes, and performs seppuku.

Lois Lerner. Resigned from her post on the day that her retirement fund went to 100%, plus “performance bonuses”. Wassiz name, CEO of the Fannie Mae, retired with a , what was it, $6 Million dollar performance bonus? After losing like, hundreds of Billion of taxpayer dollars?

The head mouthpiece for the Liar and Thief is retiring to take over management of his 12 year old son's band “Children of Privilege” (not its real name).

The head of the VA is “retiring” exactly on schedule with not one but 2 federally guaranteed pensions.

Is it just me?

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