16 October 2013

Olderfrom YouTube

Fuck. I can't get this damn Win8 front to deal with what is probably the new GUI from Youtube, the new box won't let me disable the touchpad, and I'm a-gettin mean.

That's better.53 is a prime number. you SOBs.

Wonderful time with the GF, loverly brunch with the family, but buying this new box might be classified as a "mistake".  Cheap, though, and once I brainwash it and reprogram with Linus there should be no big probs.

The new guitars ar neat, though - rathergood flat-top by Fender for about 200, with hardshell (at the GF's) and a Dobroid with pickup and hardshell case for about the same. It's not a brass bodyed Duolian or anything like that, but it's cute, cheap, and doesn't complain when I do un-natural things with it.

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