09 September 2013

Once Again, Apologies My Droogs

Been AFK (that's Away From Keyboard) for the past numerous months, and Boy has the world changed in a quite predictable fashion!

Our Boy King has declared war on the President of Syria (not on the country, just on its President) but is promising that "regime change"  is not a major policy matter.  I don't know the current President of Syria personally.  He struck me as a sincere man who had been Ollie Northed - to wit some of his minions had taken it upon themselves to make the decisions that they felt he might make. They were mistaken.

As I said, I don't know the man personally.  I do know a few folks who do.  I realize that as a nominally democratically secular elected head of state in the middle East he should at the very least be given the benefit of the doubt.

But Reagan didn't get the benefit of the doubt, in what was quite likely a perfectly analogous situation.  Bush Senior didn't , either.  Clinton did, because SQUIRREL.   Bush Junior was burned in effigy in the streets.  That would now be considered a H8 CRIME!!!!! because racism and for all I know BACON.

Because we all know that Father Knows Best (now that we have an Inclusive Father, despite the fact that he never had one, and the burned hand teaches best, or some such).

I weep.  Real salt tears.

And now I go to Google "emigration to New Zealand".

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