14 December 2012

Perils of the Cyclist

Same damn cop (same unit number) blew me off the road near Stella Link and South Braeswood.  Scratched tires at the light, was at nearly 70 MPH at the intersection of Stella Link and Linkwood, didn't have his circus lights on, didn't even have his headlights on. The doughnut shop was closed, and had been for hours.

This is the man who is trusted as one of the "only ones" who can operate handguns.  And also the "only ones" who can drive too fast.  'Cause they been trained, right? My lily white ass.

True story:  I was arrested once for an outstanding parking ticket.  Cop drove at 120 MPH to the booking station. Cause he could.  One of the "only ones".  Cause they're trained for high speed driving.  Bullshit.  He spun himself into a bar ditch and had to wait for a tow truck.

Was one of those "compu7tor errors".
Johnny Cool.  They wanted Johnny O'Cool. 

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The Old Man said...

Old story, amigo. If they WANT you, the,they'll get you. Gotta fly low'n'slow and under the radar...