23 August 2012

What has the world come to

If drug laws weren't bad and police discretion wasn't overreaching, I don't really see how this would be problematic.  Incenting the detection of crime is something we should try to do, within the appropriate limits, I would think...

By the way, what the FUCK do you mean by ""incent"?  From context I gather that you mean "encourage" or perhaps "reward".  Do you mean "to provide an incentive"? This neologism is an abomination and a stench unto the nostrils of the Lord, by which I mean me. 

I will repeat to myself:  "The not unblack dog chased the not unsmall rabbit across the not ungreen field"
May the ghost of Eric Blair chase the words of your dreams and nip at their heels.

This from one of the best blawgs, the Volokh Conspiracy , which I read on a daily basis. I am not a Lawyer, Although I Have Played One Onstage.  Ok, so I've done some incorporations.  But I washed my hands afterward, and sent her flowers.  It's not like I was a whore, or something.

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