28 August 2012

Units of Measurement

The lovely and talented Tam offers the Kilo-Sagan. (Billions and billions, times one thousand)

From at NRO Online (used to get it on deadtree) and others, we have the Solyandra, equal to 0.5 Sagan dollars.

The Brit Shot (1/8 of a gill) of roughly 3 free falling drops.

The PATEOTS (period at the end of this sentence) as given by Neal Stephenson. (An amount of this stuff, no larger than the PATEOTS is enough to kill the whole population of Salt Lake City)

The presumed Part Per Trillion (below detectable levels, but it must be bad)

The Part per billion (see supra).

The Detectable Trace - We can't actually see it, but it makes the cat uneasy.  (I do love my Jorge Luis Borges - the middle link is in Spanish, but you can read that right?)

The Aussie Beer - an 8 ounce glass

The Lite Pint - generally used for Guiness, a 12 ounce glass (lower in calories, y'know)

The pound note (has never actually weighed a pound, and I wish they'd stop lying about it)

Please feel free to add other units in the comments.

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