04 August 2012

Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah. Chicken

Riding along with the girlfriend in the Frozen North on Wednesday, the traffic at around suppertime got strangely strangled in the right hand lane.  ''Is not to sweat", I assured her, "it's probably only the line ath8 the Chik-Fil-A drive-through".  Was joke.  Had no idea where there were any CFA franchises in the neighborhood (is her neighborhood, not mine.  Mine has lots more cars on cement blocks, potholes, and signs in multiple languages).

Hah! Was line for Chik-Fil-A.  Was lucky guess, although Sarah and Todd had been there in Beautiful Scenic Woodlands Texas just a few days before, and massive buy-cott had been scheduled for that day.

I don't care much for chicken.  Chicken wings are like crawfish - one spends more effort extracting the meat than one garners from the meat itself. Decent excuse to ogle Hooter's girls, but not cost effective.  I care even less for the bonelessskinlessschickenbreasts that have taken over the world.  Devoid of even the interesting tattoos worn by other breast professionals in Gentleman's Clubs  found now all over the globe but once restricted to Bangkok, New Orleans, Dallas Texas, and some of the Mexican border towns, but tasteless nonetheless, and moreover lacking in flavor.  The buns, well, Dallas has some fine examples, but, really, lets get past the chicken sandwich part.

Chick-Fil-A was singled out for odium due to the fact that the founder is an old-school Baptist (nothing wrong with the Southern Baptists, except they don't hold 'em under water long enough), and was quoted as saying that he approved the Biblical definition of "marriage" as being between a man and a woman (or presumably between a woman and a man - now there's an arguement waiting to happen).

This is supposed to transform him into a  massive h8er, cos this was published in the ...Baptist Press?   So the dude's  a Baptist!  Freedom of Religion, and all that shit!   Yay First Amendment!

Looks like I'm wrong, though.  Your right not to get your tail feathers in an uproar seems to trump my freedom of religion, my freedom of speech, and my freedom to associate.  Fuck you.  I've got 3 Constitutional Amendments, and they're from the first 3, batting for my side, and you've got poor poor pitiful me pitching.  I'll choke up my swing and see if I CAN'T hit one out of the park.

It's not that I love Chik-Fil-A.  I don't.  I don't care for their product, although I'm told that thte waffle fries are great.  I'm too fat already. It's not that I'm a Baptist, because I'm not.  It's not even that I hold with his views on gay marriage - why shouldn't gays be allowed to go through divorce and all the other wonders of modern lawfare.

I don't like bullies, and a small group of people has decided that the guy must be punished.  The mayors of Chicago and of Boston have gone on record that they don't like the way the man thinks, therefore he must be punished.  It's not like the guy owns every shop, they're franchises.  There may well be gay jewish lefthanded franchise owners, for all I know.  But he's a high profile target.

I'll tell you something else, though.  When your high school holds a fundraising car wash - to send the cheerleaders to camp, for the drama  club (nest of faggots!), the debate team, whatever - the odds are that it's going to be outside a Chik-Fil-A.  A quick google shows over 14 and a half million hits for "school fund raiser chick fil a". That's more than 4 times the number for McDonald's, and they have the in-house charity (Ronald McDonald House) that eats up over half the listings. If you want a local business to soponser your Little League team, youth group, Big Brothers/Big Sisters - you're more likely to find support from the Chik-Fil-A.

 And that goes for your local homeless shelter, battered woman's shelter, free clinic, and rehab center too. 


Julie said...

First time visitor to your blog (here via GBBL). Well said!

JC said...

Thank you, Julie, for dropping by. Glad you like it. I'll make a point of dropping by the http://jigsawsthoughts.blogspot.com/
more frequently.