04 August 2012

Cops suck

Called to report my bike stolen.  "We can't take a police report, we're just the answering service.  We can send a patrol unit to take your report, if you want."

Like you need a gun and a badge to fill out the fucking form.

"If you call back on Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 4 PM yo can file a report with an officer".  Like criminals keep banker's hours.



Fuckit and its eight tiny reindeer,


Tam said...

Police report being legal-ish type document, they only let sworn officers take them.

Let them send the cop.

JC said...

I'm Irish, would that count?
Ends with "ish" you know.

JC said...

And I sear a lot, Damn, but this new keyboard is nice. Cheap, plus it's noisey. Makes me feel young again plus the noise pisses off my neighbors, which make me feel young again.
Win cubed!