28 July 2012

It's Sad

That's a folder I keep in my bookmarks.  I grieves me that I now add Ric's Rules to that folder.

Fresh on the heels of the release of his first novel,  he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the lunga bout the 26th of June, and given a life expectancy of about a year, and it turns out that the estimate was terribly optimistic by about 11 months.

Ars longa, vita sux. 

I really don't know why I keep that file - I know there won't be any new posts.  I guess it is in part that I know that I'll be joining them sooner or later, and have a wish that someone else might do likewise.  Maybe it's all the spam I get asking for subscriptions for pyramids to the most recent high-profile decedent.

I just got a new cellphone.  No SIM card.  Now, I'm going through all of my old handsets, to make a canonical listing of my phone numbers.

"Look, here's John.  He died in , what, 2008?  And David, and ..."

My friends tend toward less spectacular deaths.  Fewer ODs, but more than enough. A lot more cancer, but more than enough car crashes.

And diabetes, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and robberies gone bad, and...

It's not "momento mori", it's celebratae vitae".

And God bless us all.

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JC said...

OH yeah. Don, coronary failure secondary to diabetes. My Grandfather, coronary failure secondary to diabetes, my dear friend Carol, rejection syndrome following heart transplant at the age of 25 (I'm now twice as old as she ever got, will I ever be twice the person?)

And Jimmy Don, AMLS, and Andrew after years with hep C and its complications, those are just some of the ones I still have in my cell phone.