23 July 2012

It's Probably Not A Good Idea

To spend 30 plus hours on a bus, going to a place that's more than a mile above your normal elevation, walk too damn much, then spend another 24 hours on a bus, get home, and then cycle for more than an hour.  I'm telling you this so you don't make the mistakes I did.
San Miguel De Allende is fucking beautiful, but everywhere you go is uphill both ways.  Obviously an artist colony, designed by M. C. Escher.
(Sorry, Mom)
(The adjective was required)
(Spelled "adjective" right the first time, without spellcheck)

I would put in photos, but (a) I can't get the 35 mm slides into the SD port, and (b) I didn't bring a camera, and (c) there's no way to do the place justice.

And it's easy to find your way around there, just go to the church and it's just off to the left.  Or maybe right.  Oh, which church?  Hell if I know. It's just uphill from there.  Both ways.

But no snow.

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